Art3mis (Ready Player One) Cosplay

  • Art3mis Character Sign
    Close up of the Art3mis character sign.
  • Art3mis Cosplay
    Art3mis cosplay from the novel Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, a Mind Forge original, designed by ShadowspriteT7 and expertly cosplayed by EntropySylph!
  • Art3mis
    Armor suit was made from EVA foam and painted to get the desired effect.
  • Art3mis
  • Art3mis
    Blue "jetpacks" lit up on the back of the armor
  • Art3mis
  • Art3mis
    Art3mis with her twin blaster pistols
  • Art3mis @ PAX East
    EntropySylph debuted the costume at PAX East 2015!
  • Art3mis Blaster, Finished Paint
    Close up of the blaster pistols
  • Art3mis Blasters, Light Test
    Red interior lighting and "firing effect"
  • Art3mis RP1 Cosplay

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