Captain America’s Shield (Steve Rogers Cosplay)

  • Rogers is Ready
    Steve Rogers cosplay from The Winter Soldier
  • Shield Back, Leather Strap Test
    Full leather straps and aluminum sheet metal for shield brackets.
  • Rogers vs. Stark
    Tony and I are feeling a little Civil War coming on...
  • Rogers vs. Stark
    And so it begins.
  • Shield Detail
    Close up of the striations I buffed into the metal.
  • Bucky vs. Steve
    The Winter Soldier and I have some unfinished business at Cleveland Comic Con
  • Spider-Man and Rogers
    Welcomed Spider-Man to the MCU.
  • Cap at PAX East!
    Captain America showing some love for Boston at PAX East!
  • Shield Detail
  • Captain America's Shield
    Full metal Captain America Shield made from a steel saucer sled.
  • Cap and Coulson, Dynamic Duo
    Agent Coulson and I swapped weapons, I wonder what this does...
  • Repulsor vs. Shield
    Pikakeung showing off his Stark repulsors in action!

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