Hawkeye’s Quiver (Marvel’s The Avengers)

  • Quiver 6
    Polypropylene webbing was taped and glued to the quiver frame.
  • Hawkeye's Quiver
    Completed Hawkeye Quiver
  • Quiver 5
  • Quiver 4
    Silver tape was used to simulate arrows to make the quiver "convention safe"
  • Quiver 3
    Sheets of Kydex were cut and drilled into to allow for the "arrows" to sit snuggly. The hexagons were designed to resemble the motorized parts of Hawkeye's quiver in The Avengers.
  • Quiver2
    Kydex, a thermoplastic. was cut and then heat shaped to finish off the quiver's unique look.
  • Quiver1
    Fletching made with 2mm thick EVA foam

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