Jedi Knight Cosplay

  • Force Speed
  • Jedi Knight, Protector of the Republic
    No lens flare here, that's 100% sunlight. Damn, that's majestic. (haha)
  • Jedi Master
  • Contemplation
  • Recon Mission
  • A Dark Presence
    A Jedi's lightsaber is his life.
  • Battle Stance
    Always vigilant... just off camera :P
  • Jedi Explorer
    There is no death, there is the force.
  • Jedi Wandering
    Investigating Sith ruins at night.
  • Jedi Knight Saber Ready
    Ready to strike
  • Jedi Saber Master
    Tried my hand at some lightsaber effects in Adobe Photoshop
  • Jedi Knight the Force
    Using the Force to levitate his lightsaber.

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